Amazon Book Reviews

“At many points in the book I found myself thinking, ‘My gosh it’s like he’s speaking directly to me!!’ This book is going to help millions of people who know they need it, and for those who think they don’t need it, I say, ‘Ha! Yeah you do…’ The style is conversational and even funny, and the psychological insight and information is profound. Very smart book, very well-written, I would recommend it to anyone who wants deeper, longer-lasting, happier relationships with everyone in their life.” | Rebecca 

“WOW! Could not put this book down! Eloquently written with refreshing humor and extraordinary wisdom! I truly believe there was divine touch as this book was written…it is THAT POWERFUL! It will change the way you view the world and your relationships with your family, friends and, most importantly, with yourself. Very enjoyable to read and easy to follow. From the first chapter, each step builds on the next to create a new awareness and provide immediately useful tools to make positive changes. Scott gives real-life examples that are universal for all of us, especially applicable in this modern world. This book is written for the time we live in NOW, with all the technology-driven issues we face. If you want more authentic joy and peace in your life, with much less anxiety, this is the book that will teach you how to get there! Bravo Scott!” | Robin 
“Phenomenal insights and we have come to expect no less from Scott. My wife and I have been greatly enriched by Scott’s ongoing counsel and continue to find application in the principles he discusses throughout this book. Without a doubt, this is the best book I’ve read in quite some time. Great value here!” | Jeff 
“Great read! Extremely insightful! The Stories We Tell Ourselves is built on a very simple premise that just may transform all of your relationships for the better. And it’s not just for relationships that need help; it’s for all of us. Applicable throughout your daily life.” | Danny 
“My husband and I have known Scott for close to fifteen years. He has always been intentional about the way that he approaches relationships by seeking to deepen, heal, and transform them into what they can and should be. I wish everyone would read this book. If more people approached relationships in the way that the book suggests, the world would have much more of a likeness to the world that we were created to live in, and would be less like the drama-saturated, anxiety-ridden, environment that many of us endure in our every day lives. The subject matter is thought provoking and engaging. For those looking to ensure that we live out a meaningful existence in alignment with the vision that God created for us, the read is absolutely imperative. The book changed my perception of the world, and my own perception of the narrative I write about myself.” | Julie 
“We are human beings. As such, we not only write stories about things but also tell stories or make up stories about the situations we have experienced, are experiencing, and will experience. R. Scott Gornto effectively diagnoses our propensity to make up stories in the sense. He takes this insight further by showing that when we tell ourselves stories about past, present, and future experiences, we often do this out of anxiety. As a result, the stories we tell ourselves about our experiences miss the reality of these experiences. We miss the real in life out of this propensity to fabricate stories about the real. But we are not left in this place of fabrication. Gornto takes us through helpful steps and guidelines for recognizing not only our anxiety, from which we begin telling these stories, but also that we tell ourselves stories and how better to engage the real of our experiences rather than the fabricated stories in our minds. This is a book for anyone. For it is written about us all. All of us humans. All of us storytellers.” | Harris 
“We feed on many thousands of stories each year. From mass media to past pain, internalized scripts feed assumptions, doubt, worry, and worse. Powerful, personal narratives weave an interpretive grid–whispered stories, sometimes a destructive mythology. And expectations that emerge of ourselves and others can unduly influence, vandalizing relationships and life. In The Stories We Tell Ourselves, Scott Gornto provides wisdom to aid readers in discarding outdated maps and destructive scripts in order to discover fuller, healthier, and deeper relationships and peace in life.” | Blake 
” This may be the first book of its kind that is fun to read! Scott Gornto inspires me as he describes a Person of Presence – one who has greater self-confidence, more peace, and deeper relationships. Count me in! I’m excited to let go of the senseless anxieties that hold me back from living fully!” | Ashley 
“The Stories We Tell Ourselves is a fantastic read and will provoke you to ask real questions and see truth in your interactions with others. This is a book that I can see applying to a wonderful broad range of people. Couples will enjoy the analysis and grounded instruction regarding truly listening to each other. Executives, managers, and employees alike will appreciate the true impact the words that we both speak and hear have on a business’s success or failure! The Stories We Tell Ourselves offers research based insight learned through Scotts many years as a thoughtful and truly caring therapist.” | Brian
“It amazes me how our minds will take us places that we never wanted to go and can create illusions of things that just don’t exist. In this book Scott gives you a process to help go from the crazy thoughts we can imagine to the reality of life. Scott is able to help you by releasing/rewriting the actual stories that we are telling ourselves in our minds to help us in our relationships. Little did I know how harmful those stories could be to the ones I love the most. As you read this book you can deal with these stories and make your relationships healthy and that will change your life for the better!” | Heather 
“Great book! I was excited to learn and apply the advise of the book to my life. Everyone could use this book and find a way to relate it to their own personal journey. Great insight and great author.” | Christy 
“The Stories We Tell Ourselves takes you on a transformational journey through your own life. It’s a smart read – only for those who are ready for life-change. Scott gives you the chance to make new choices – in the face of anxiety and difficult relationships. He asks us to truly evaluate if we are living in facts, not fiction when it comes to our relationships. And helps us to stop fiddling with the fantasies we have about our circumstances – so that life doesn’t pass us by. With practical insight into how to become a better listener, how to stop living out the false stories in our heads, and choosing to believe reality as it presents itself – The Stories We Tell Ourselves has helped me to press pause on my thought-life, live in truth, and feel more known in my marriage and my relationships. This book will be invaluable to anyone wanting to live a truly authentic life.” | Michelle 
“Scott hits a homerun on this book! The world series started tonight and I started this book…it’s insightful, guiding, and revealing! I cant put it down! I’ve always been a ‘story teller’ but now I see things more clearly. How refreshing! How practical! How meaningful are the jewels in this powerful book!” | Carol 
“Haven’t received our copy yet–but wanted to through a review out there for those wondering. Scott has been our therapist for several years now, and the things he has taught us have changed our lives in countless ways. I can’t imagine his book would be anything less than amazing.” | Mavinon