The Stories We Tell Ourselves


Do you overanalyze interactions with the people in your life?

Do you search for answers that only leave you more anxious?

Do your relationships suffer from false assumptions and unnecessary guessing games?

If so, you’re not alone. Every day, we make up remarkable stories. Our boss asks to speak with us, our teenager is out too late, a friend doesn’t return our call, and instantly we fill in the blanks, creating riveting scripts. But these stories aren’t simply inaccurate; they’re destructive. They isolate us and damage our relationships.

In this groundbreaking book from therapist and author Scott Gornto, you can learn how to stop the storytelling that gets in the way of connecting with others. Drawing on more than 20 years of research and experience helping thousands of individuals transform their lives, Gornto has developed a series of innovative principles that you can start using today to break the spell of these powerful—and powerfully harmful—stories.

Engaging and illuminating, The Stories We Tell Ourselves will help you wake up to your own life and build the skills you need to transform your relationships with the friends, business associates, and loved ones who matter most.


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