The Stories We Tell Ourselves™ Seminar

This 3 hour speaking event is based on Scott’s book The Stories We Tell Ourselves™. In relationships, especially in marriage, we have a tendency to tell ourselves stories to make sense of the world around us. When we don’t understand our spouses thoughts, motives, or intentions, we construct narratives to explain their actions, and they become characters in movies we direct and play in our own minds. These inner dramas can be more appealing and compelling than the real world, and we can lose the capability to genuinely listen and engage with our spouse.  In this presentation Scott offers solutions and strategies to overcome this tendency and, ultimately, reduce anxiety, gain contentment, increase intimacy and connection in your marriage.

Benefits of The Stories We Tell Ourselves™ Seminar
| Become Aware of Tendency to Create Stories
| Learn to Live in Facts not Fiction
| Reduce Anxiety and Tension in Your Marriage
| Increase Connection and Intimacy
| Find Solutions to Reduce Conflict


++For more info or to bring Scott to your organization contact Scott via email or at his Auxano Office – 972.312.8893