Relational Intelligence eCourse

Scott offers the Relational Intelligence eCourse for those wanting to increase self-confidence, overcome insecurity, and stop people pleasing behavior. People-pleasing doesn’t just drain you and prevent you from getting your true needs met, it also doesn’t allow you to be “seen” and known in relationships.

Do you struggle with insecurity?
Do you say yes when you mean no?
Do you hold back your opinions, perspectives, beliefs and desires in order to take care of others?
Do you draw controlling people in relationships?

In this class, you will learn:
– the difference between goodwill and pleasing
– the difference between selfishness and boundaries
– the origin of people-pleasing in your life
– ways to stop the unhealthy behavior and show up with boundaries
– how to get your needs met

This course consists of six recorded videos (10 minute each) with homework assignments to help you take steps to increase self-confidence and stop people pleasing behavior.

Register: On-line or by phone 972.312.8893
Cost: $49.99



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Starting the Fall of 2015, the eStore will have Scott’s new books, an eCounseling Concierge Service as well as audio and video recordings of speaking events and studio recordings. All for purchase.

Speaking Events and Recordings will include topics: 

For Individuals:
| Addiction and Compulsivity
| Anxiety
| Anger
| Boundaries and Codependency
| Relational Intelligence

For Couples/Marriage:
| Communication/Conflict Resolution
| Intimacy
| Infidelity Repair