Are You a Person of Presence?

Recently on my blog, I discussed how you can become more present within your relationships. I suggested how you can increase your neuroplasticity to help train your brain to be more present. I gave one quick yet effective tip for increasing your self-awareness while in conversation with another person. And finally I provided a way for you to stop your mental time-traveling so that your full awareness can be focused on who’s right in front of you and not stuck in the past or yearning for the future.

I suggested these tips to help you become a more present person. If you choose to incorporate them on a daily basis within your relationships—like a regular exercise schedule—you can become a person of presence.

As I wrote in Chapter 15 of The Stories We Tell Ourselves,

Being a person of presence suggests that we’ve done that hard work and have effectively graduated to a heightened state of constant awareness in our relationships. Being a person of presence means that you’ve practiced being present with others for so long that it’s become an ingrained habit, or a natural state of being where you don’t have to consciously think about whether or not you’re truly connecting with another person.

I don’t believe I’m quite to that point yet, but I try to inch closer to that ideal every day. I do the hard mental work because I know that to be truly present without so much mental effort every time can truly revolutionize all of my relationships.

Would you call yourself a person of presence?

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